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Welcome To Retirement Planning Associates

Retirement Planning Associates is led by, James Ellis, a registered representative of, and securities offered through, JKR & Co., Member FINRA, SIPC.

Retirement Planning Associates is a advisory company which specializes in individual and corporate retirement needs. We are predominantly a Los Angeles based company with a clientele that spans from San Diego County to Ventura County.

Our services include:

* Retirement Planning
* Business Pension Service
* Investments
* Education Funding
* Income Protection
* Life Insurance
* Estate Planning

The Mission of Retirement Planning Associates is to help people plan for their financial future and financial independence, based on their highest priority. As advisors, we promise to put your needs first as we help to educate and guide you in financial decisions that make sense for your investment objectives. We can help you in these essential areas:


Our Goal is to protect our clients' financial futures while helping them to achieve the highest return available. At Retirement Planning Associates we believe in investing our clients' money with the same care and concern we take in investing our own.

What Do We Do? We advise individuals and corporations on how they may best achieve their financial goals and provide them with the tools and guidance necessary for planning their financial futures.

We begin by helping you find answers to important questions:

* At what age can you afford to retire?
* Will you outlive your retirement?
* Will your retirement be enough to live on?
* Are you saving enough for your children's education?
* Would your family suffer financially in the event of an accident or illness?
* Are you paying too much in taxes, or could you be keeping more of what you earn?

We follow up with a comprehensive questionnaire outlining your goals and objectives. Then, we summarize the set of questions and print a series of charts and diagrams detailing your financial strengths and weaknesses. At that point, we make concise recommendations that focus on your specific areas of concern.

At Retirement Planning Associates, we assist you in making the right financial decisions that fit your income, your lifestyle and your needs. By making the right decisions, your financial future and the financial future of your family are protected.

Retirement Planning Associates is led by James Ellis, a registered representative of,
and securities offered through, JKR & Co., Member NASD, SIPC.

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